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Business Matters
CEFR: A2 / B1 / B2
IELTS: 3 – 6
ISBN: 9781911523161
Pages: 160
Size: 167mm x 240mm
Format:  Paperback
Price: £25.00 (GBP)

Business Matters – English for the Business Sector

Business Matters is a course book which is designed to meet the English language training needs of professionals learning in the workplace as well as students taking vocational courses for the business sector.

The book’s hand-on approach encourages students to immediately apply the language they have learned to perform authentic workplace tasks, such as:

  • Welcoming visitors
  • Taking phone calls
  • Providing excellent customer care
  • Managing bookings
  • Undertaking business correspondence
  • Accounting
  • Marketing and Sales
  • and much more.

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Easy to follow structured learning

The book’s core content consists of ten units each focusing on everyday communication in the sector, using a variety of case studies as well as other authentic material.

Each unit contains:

  • A warm-up to introduce the topic which will serve to activate the student’s previous knowledge of the area and to get the student talking.
  • A wealth of materials and exercises to train all competences, such as authentic reading texts, listening material, written tasks and speaking exercises.
  • Language boxes offering the most important vocabulary and phrases required, for example, for role-plays or partner exercises.
  • Grammar Help section which groups all essential grammar points in a compact and easy-to-follow way, using example sentences and short explanations.
  • Tip boxes with useful and interesting language or cultural information.
  • A ‘Test Yourself’ page with competence-based exercises testing what the student has learned in the unit and providing extra material for more advanced learners.

Ideal for learners at CEFR level A2 to B2

The book is aimed at learners at pre-intermediate to intermediate level (CEFR levels A2-B1), with more challenging materials for upper intermediate learners (CEFR level B2). 

It is ideal for universities, vocational and academic institutions, professional and in house language training programs and also for individual learners. 

Enhance your learning with extra online materials

Additional material to support the book is available online.

This can be securely accessed by using the unique web code printed inside the book front cover at the website.

The material for the Business Matters book includes:

  • Audio files of English conversations
  • Written transcripts for these files 
  • Printable versions of useful appendices

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Table Of Contents (page 1)

Table of Contents (page 1)

Table Of Contents (Page 2)

Table of Contents (Page 2)

Unit Page

Unit Page

Unit Page

Unit Page

Extra Material

Extra Material

Test Yourself

Test Yourself

Back Cover

Back cover

Get access to more sample materials from the book

A broader selection of sample content from this book (and all our books) is available online.

This includes:

  • Table of contents for each book
  • A sample chapter
  • Examples of appendices
  • Audio file with transcript
  • Video file with transcript

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Supporting materials for teachers using the book

Business Matters is highly suitable for use in English language classes, especially those focused on vocational or work place English tuition.

A separate Teachers Handbook is available as an eBook to support teaching staff, and this provides:

  • Sample answers for chapter questions
  • Transcripts for audio files
  • Printable exams and sample answers for each chapter

These materials are also available to download as individual files.

Would you like to fully evaluate our books for educational use?

If you are involved in selection of books for use in educational environment, you can view and evaluate all our student books, teachers handbooks and supporting materials using our secure online evaluation platform.

Access to this system is restricted to language teaching professionals.

Access can be obtained by registering on our website or by contacting your local reseller

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More information about the Matters Series of books

The Matters Series is a series of books which provide the ideal language learning resource for vocational and academic institutions, professional language training and individual learners.

They specifically prepare the learner for the use of the English language in the workplace.

You can directly link to the details of an individual book by selecting its cover image below, or look at more information for the full series.

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