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The Matters Series

The Matters Series is a series of vocational English books, each focusing on one specific professional area. The Series offers a practical and structured tool for the learning and teaching of vocational English that is ideal for the classroom environment, workplace training and self learning.

Books Structure:

All books follow a structure consisting of unit exercises ordered from easiest to more complicated tasks, and offer the option for knowledge testing at the end of each unit, with a Test Yourself Further chapter. The vocational learning is further supported by grammar and language boxes, tips and comprehensive appendices. 

The exercises in the books are designed to improve writing, listening and conversational English based on realistic use of the language in the work environment, and uses real life workplace situations to better address the context and methodology in which the language is being used.

The Matters Series – Teachers’ Handbook:

Books in The Matters Series are highly suitable for use in English language classes, especially those focused on vocational or work place English tuition.

A separate Teachers Handbook is available as an eBook to support teaching staff, and this provides:

  • Sample answers for chapter questions
  • Transcripts for audio files
  • Printable exams and sample answers for each chapter

These materials are also available to download as individual files.

On line material featured in the series:

A variety of online material is available with each book, such as:

  • Audio and video files to download or stream
  • Transcripts of audio and video files
  • Printable versions of the appendices

All online material can be accessed by registering the book code on:   Redeem a book code

Evaluating Rio Press books for use in an educational environment: 

If you are involved in selection of books for use in educational environment, you can view and evaluate all our student books, teachers handbooks and supporting materials using our secure online evaluation platform.

Access to this system is restricted to language teaching professionals.

If you would like to request access, please click here to apply:  Request Evaluation Account

Alternatively, you can also request access from any of our reseller partners. 

You can find your closest reseller by clicking here:  Find A Reseller

Available Titles:

Planned for publication (2017):

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