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Rio Press Catalogue

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The Matters Series

The Matters Series is a collection of books for vocational English ideal for individual learners and for use in universities, vocational and academic institutions, professional and in-house language training programs.  

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Planned Titles for 2017

Dentistry Matters

Dentistry Matters: English for the dentistry sector

Health Matters

Health Matters: English for the healthcare sector

Hospitality Matters

Hospitality Matters: English for the hospitality sector

Insurance Matters

Insurance Matters: English for the insurance sector

IT Matters

IT Matters: English for the IT sector

Legal Matters

Legal Matters: English for the legal sector

Logistics Matters

Logistics Matters: English for the logistics sector

Mechatronics Matters

Mechatronics Matters: English for the mechatronic sector

Metal Matters

Metal Matters: English for the metallurgic sector

Retail Matters

Retail Matters: English for the retail sector

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