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The ‘Matters Series’ helps you deliver high quality vocational English teaching…

Across the English Language teaching world there is an ever increasing demand for learning Vocational English – the language of the workplace.

For students in the modern workplace, achieving a reasonable standard of general English is simply not good enough.

They have to be able to communicate effectively in English using the specific language of their work environment.

Teachers need to balance delivery of high quality vocational language teaching while managing all the challenges involved.

When teaching vocational English you have to overcome many challenges…

These include:

  • How do you prepare suitable course content, and get access to the high quality teaching resources and materials you need?
  • How can you effectively teach a sizeable class in a limited time, while dealing with differing student abilities, previous experience and behavior?
  • How do you get students to take responsibility for their own learning?
  • How do you co-ordinate the need for students to make balanced progress in the key skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing English?
  • How can you easily test and assess ongoing student progress?
  • How can you teach Vocational English in a work area in which you may have limited experience?

The Matters Series helps you do this…

Rio Press have published the Matters Series of vocational English books in partnership with Cornelsen – the leading German educational publisher.

The German Vocational Education and Training System is recognized as being among the best in the world.

The quality of that system is reflected in the book series.

Every book chapter delivers:

  • a balanced mix of learning materials ranging from easy to more difficult (to match student ability)
  • opportunities for students to work alone, in pairs and in larger groups
  • a broad variety of content type offering choice for listening, speaking, reading and writing English
  • online supporting material including audio and video files with written transcripts.
  • material specifically designed to encourage self-learning both inside and outside the classroom
  • A clean modern book design book which is eye catching and easy to use

In addition, each book has an accompanying Teachers Handbook and associated online content which provides:

  • all online student materials
  • teacher only questions sets and answer keys to assess student progression at the end of each study chapter

(Teachers handbook and supporting materials available as free download for qualifying teachers or educational establishments.)

You don’t have to take our word for it…

…as we have made it easy for you to see for yourself!

If you are a teacher, or represent an organization which needs to offer vocational English training, you can get access to our secure online evaluation system.

This system will allow you to view and evaluate all of our books including the accompanying Teachers Handbooks.

In addition, you can listen to and watch supporting audio and video files and view all other online materials.

We distribute our books through our network of approved partners in each country and your local Rio Press partner will be pleased to offer you further advice and assistance.

Also, please feel free to contact us directly – we’d love to hear from you.

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